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SemoTech Services
  SemoTech Internet Solutions - Main Services Described

SemoTech is a private company that focuses on the sometimes confusing and complicated task of placing content on the world-wide-web. Some of our more popular services and products are listed below, along with a brief description of some of the more popular provided functionality.

* Our "Website Hosting" services are our specialty. This is basically a service which empowers an individual or a business to place their textual and/or pictorial content into a managed container which is visible and accessible to anyone with internet access. Thus allowing the sharing of ideas, the broadcast of information or the sale of products or services. Such containers are called "Websites". The trick is not only ensuring that the websites are operational 24/7/365 but are also setup with the foundation necessary to properly showcase our client's content, while remaining secure and as impervious as possible to defacement attacks. Since everyone has different needs, SemoTech provides both Shared and Dedicated hosting services. The difference is in the kind of websites our clients need, as well as the amount of simultaneous visitors they wish to accommodate.

* Our "Email Hosting" service is just as popular as "Website Hosting" and each of our clients gets both for the price of one with their SemoTech hosting account. Email accounts allow our clients to communicate easily with any other email user, as well as access their email account from anywhere in the world, with just an internet connection and a web browser. The number of mailboxes allowed on each account depends on the level of hosting selected, as well as the type of account chosen (Shared or Dedicated). All our Email accounts include advanced features that can be enabled or disabled by our clients themselves, or by us as part of the management of the account. One example is our extremely popular 100% Spam Blocking System, which stops all spam in it's tracks. Given that spam has become the enemy of email this restores order and allows out clients to focus on their productivity, not battle spam.

* Our "Domain Parking" service is a great way to empower our clients to secure multiple domain names from their favorite registrar, but not have to pay for all of them to be hosted as a separate account. Instead, multiple domain names can be "parked" on top of one of our clients existing SemoTech accounts, so that anyone attempting to reach them will be re-directed to the main website of the client. While parking is a great way to basically create aliases for your domain name, it is not capable of allowing email services on the parked domains. Only domains setup as a fully hosted account support email services.

* Our "eCommerce" services are ideal for large or small businesses alike to market and sell their products or services on-line on their websites. There are multiple "store" types to choose from, each with countless professional features and functionality, some in standard configuration or fully customized at the client's request. We work closely and directly with each client to ensure that this services is customized to their exact needs

* Our "SSL Certificates" are affordable by anyone, cost 10% less than our competition, and provide the security and piece of mind for any individual or business that wishes to run an eCommerce site and sell products or services on-line. They integrate seamlessly into our client's store, and provide the same security and piece of mind as those used by all major banks in the world for their financial transactions over the web. Your clients will no longer be reluctant to enter their confidential credit card information into your store.

* Our "Merchant Accounts" are the pinnacle of ease and professional means of collecting payments from eCommerce websites, or directly from your clients. They allow you to accept credit cards and even e-Checks from your clients as easily as any other merchant out there. The process of signing up is secure, very simple, and requires you to basically provide a business checking account where the payments you receive will be deposited. This is the best way to upgrade your eCommerce store and ensure your clients find the payment process simple, convenient, and easy to use

Please ensure that you visit and read the details about our hosting plans, certificates and merchant accounts by clicking on the links in the Main Menu section located on the left navigation bar of our site. A detail description complete with pictures of our Data Center is also listed there, so you may better understand how serious we treat the reliability and security of your data.

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