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Use your iOS devices they way YOU want to
Trust us to JailBreak your iOS device and show you what freedom means!

In 2010 the US Library of Congress has deemed Jailbreaking legal in the United States! (To read more about the legality of circumventing controls designed to block jailbreaking, download the PDF here)

Jailbreaking is the process by which a secured system is modified to allow customizations and enhancements beyond what the original developer intended or normally allows. In the case of Apple's iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, etc...) Apple has done an amazing job of making these devices user friendly, but at the expense of individualized preferences and customization freedom. Sometimes the Apple iOS operating system on these devices is referred to as a "Walled Garden", given how nice it is, as long as you stick to what you have been provided by Apple and do not go outside the "walls".

SemoTech offers our clients the ability to Jailbreak their iOS devices and unlock the same freadom as any Apple computer has, where it allows the installation and cutomization of virtually any program of feature, and in any combination that suits the owner. The process allows for enhancements and time saving features like the ability to send or respond to text messages from any program without closing it, forward voicemails via email, attach pictures in an email message, or update your Facebook or Tweeter status at any time and from any app, just to name a few. Asside from that, there are vistually a limitless number of custom themes and ringtones, availabe mostly for free, that will allow you to customize your device to your linking. Another example of a post Jailbreak feature is the ability to use the devices (like taking or making a call on an iPhone) while sysnching it or backing it up in iTunes! Normally this is not possible and the sync process is stopped by a call which can be very frustrating and time consuming.

** All JailBreak work will ensure that your data is fully backed up before the process and restored afterwards. All your programs, images, videos, contacts, calendar entries, etc will all be securely backed-up, and safely restored afterwards. SemoTech will promptly delete and never retain any of your information! **

A JailBroken iOS device means:
  • Access to countless new themes and customizations
  • Access to thousands of programs and utilities not on the AppStore!
  • Ability to fully customize virtually any aspect of the iOS device
  • Access to Cydia, the alternative to the Apple App Store
  • Ability to use the device during Sync (via 3rd party App)
  • Ability to lock down apps with global or individual passwords (via 3rd party App)
  • Ability to create nested folder groups (via 3rd party App)
  • Removed limitation of 12 apps per folder, now limitless (via 3rd party App)
  • Ability to access and manage the device directly using SSH (native support)
  • Ability to sync your device wirelesly (via 3rd party App)
  • Ability to have information (like callendar and emails info) on the Lock Screen
  • Countless other enhancements and customizations all available through Cydia

Expand your mind and experience the posibities that freedom can offer!

Latest Jailbreak iOS available is: v4.3.3
Jailbreaking is supported on the following iOS devices:
iPhone (original)
iPhone 3G, 3GS
iPhone 4
(AT&T & Verizon)
iPod Touch
iPad (1st Gen)
Apple TV2

NOTICE: Any device that is jailbroken and subsequently starts using Cydia apps and customizations cannot simply be upgraded via iTunes when Apple releases new firmware versions. After each release there is a period of time (between 1-2 days and several weeks) whereby the jalbreak community will create an updated jailbreaking tools for that particular new Apple software version. Usually there is no need to upgrade the iOS unless there are specific apps you absolutely need. In case you do want the upgrade to a new jailbreak version, SemoTech will be able to backup all your data and settings and upgrade your device safely. Once you get it back you can add the customizations you had back in. Any customizations apps you may have bought from Cydia will be able to be installed free of charge as many times as you wish and even on new supported devices. You also have the option of purchasing a Cydia app called "PKG Backup" which will allow you to save your Cydia app info and restore your Cydia apps and customizations (provided they are compatible with the latest Apple iOS version) in minutes.

By the same token should anyone no longer wish to use their device Jailbroken (for example in case of a sale, or return, or warranty repair), simply performing a "RESTORE" in iTunes will revert the device to factory mode without a trace of the previous jailbreak.

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