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  1. How do I access my email from the web?
    SemoTech makes access easy for customers who choose to have their email hosted here. To gain access from anywhere in the world you will only need a web browser like Internet Explorer, AOL or Mozilla.

    The amazing Horde WebMail system offers many of the features available in well known e-mail clients like Outlook & Entourage. Some of the features include:

    * Compose and send emails
    * Read your incoming mail
    * Email search facility
    * Address book
    * Calendar and events
    * Save work as a draft
    * Task lists
    * Create folders for storing your mail

    NOTE: If you also use an email client like Outlook Express to check your mail from here, and still want to access the mail through the web with Horde, make sure you check the option to leave mail on the server. If you fail to do this, all your mail will be downloaded to your email client and won't be accessable via webmail with Horde. Please be aware though that leaving your emails on the server will increase the amount of space your account has.

    To start, simply Login by typing the following into the "Address" box of the browser:

    (then use your username and password which was supplied to you in your account setup email, or the one you created using the CPanel)

    (please note that "yourdomain" is supposed to be the name of your actual website/email account (i.e: ) and do not forget the "/webmail" at the end so it would look like this: )

    If your account was just setup it is possible that the link will fail, which is simply an indication that it will take a little longer for all the new changes to take effect. Try again a day later.

    You will now be prompted by a "security" box asking for your username and password. For the purpose of this tutorial the "" domain was used. In your case your own full domain name should show up.

    Your Username is your email address (ie: and the Password will be the one you've chosen and we sent to you in the welcome email.

    Once logged in you will be presented with the option of launching the Horde webmail interface or customizing your mailbox options. The most of these options is Anti-Spam, and itcan be managed through the BoxTrapper utility.

    Once you launch Horde you will be at the access screen.

    You have the option of first changing the language, but if you wish to use the default English, simply click on the blue "Log in" button.

    Once logged into Horde you will be presented with a quick and easy menu on the left side of the screen. Simply click on "Mall" to read or compose new emails.

    Clicking the "+" next to Mail or the other menu options expands the menu and gives you access to additional options and email folders.

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